Key Lessons From the Winning Image Workshop

Our team met Via Galang, a blogger, trainer, and entrepreneur from The Winning Image – Personality Development Workshop last March 2017.   We thought of sharing here some of the lessons presented during the event captured by her blog.  As organizers, her review of the event inspired us to continue what we’re doing.

1.  You are the message.

Wearing accessories can enhance your looks.  But you are your own jewelry.  You are carrying a message within you that deserves to shine.

2. You are worthy of attracting wealthy situations.

You have to be someone likable-someone people would love to interact with, not just stare at.  You won’t make meaningful connections by just looking pretty.  You have to use whatever beauty you have to invite good things to happen to you.

3. You are an influencer.

Did you know that 55% of our influence is based on appearance, body language, and the way we take up space? Thirty-eight percent (38%) goes to how we deliver our message: tone, volume, pitch, and pace of our voices. Seven percent (7%) is based on the spoken word.

4. You can be your own wardrobe police.

You will only know that you are truly well-dressed when you have something hanging in your closet for every event you will be attending in the next 6 months.  But it’s not about how many pieces you got -their quality and how they look on you matters.

5. You are a winner.

Invest in yourself because you can make a difference in the world.  You have what you need to make your princess’ dreams come true by pursuing what you really want.

Read entire post from Via’s blog.


What’s more awesome is we eventually collaborated with her for an upcoming event. From being a workshop attendee, we invited Via Galang to deliver SEO 101 for Marketers.   Learn more and register here.

We are still organizing our next public seminar schedule for The Winning Image – Personality Development Workshop but you can invite our team to conduct an in-house training in your office.  Read details here.

TWI Inhouse

Go Up Events Manila is committed to building confidence among young professionals. Doing this needs work not just through making you look good from the outside but touching hearts of our participants, too.


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