Business Writing Seminar

Writing business correspondences is essential yet may be a tough job for you as a professional.  We know that you are busy, and studying about the topic could come to you as a boring task.  This is why we are presenting you a half-day learning session to learn the basics.

Yes, we will keep our session sweet and simple yet enough to fill you with new ideas on how to improve your written communication skills.  Your participation will boost your confidence and equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in your career.   In our seminar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the business writing process, style, and guidelines
  • Remove your writer’s block by pinning down the right message for your audience
  • Practice use of positive and professional language to get the feedback you want

Target Attendees

The seminar is highly recommended for fresh graduates, career starters, employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who write for both internal and external audiences.  Business writing experience is not required among participants.  Lessons to be presented involve general guidelines and are appropriate for all levels.

Course Outline

I. Introduction to Business Writing

Define Business Writing and the process you need to go through from clarifying your message, putting them into writing, and reviewing your document for revisions.

II.  How to Write According to Your Purpose

Learn the common goals in business writing and basic guidelines on how to communicate according to the feedback you want.

III. How to Write with Style

Understand what it takes to create content that suits your audience using the Business Writing style guide.

IV. How to Structure Your Communication

Know about formats and guide to writing business letters, memos, agenda and minutes of the meeting.

V. How to Write Effective Emails

Discuss answers to common questions in creating email messages such as writing subjects, content, and basic etiquette to follow.

VI.  How to Edit and Proofread Your Document

Review common mistakes and writing and practice techniques to proofread your correspondences.

Meet Your Facilitator

Jonah Marie Chipeco has eleven years of experience in Marketing and Communications.  This is how she gained firsthand knowledge of business writing through drafting and approving correspondences for and from diverse audiences such as the academe, media, non-profit, government organizations, and corporations.

Experience in Writing

  • Certificate holder: Writing Effective Business Communication accredited by the CPD Certification Service
  • Writes and approves internal and external proposals in the course of her career
  • Submitted business plans, training, and operation manuals while pioneering Direct Marketing units of two international nonprofit organizations
  • Executes copywriting and production of promotional materials as a marketing practitioner and entrepreneur
  • Publishes e-books on Amazon Kindle
  • Maintains a personal blog and contributes articles for Digital Circles Asia
  • Writes online help articles on health, immigration, marketing and relationships for various clients in Metro Manila and abroad
  • Delivered 50 successful public seminars since 2016 (as of April 2018)

Speaker Testimonials

“Jonah is an effective speaker.  Her creative approach keeps you awake and makes you want to stay and learn.  Her heart and passion for sharing her craft is something I admire.  I learned techniques that helped me write my thoughts faster. I strongly recommend this workshop and the resource speaker.” – Gina Buendia, Architect and Consultant, Former Business Writing seminar attendee and one-on-one coaching student of the speaker

“Jonah is such an effective speaker and a business strategist. She always speaks with passion and dedication to all her audience and clientele. I have worked with her for several years and I can say that professionally, she is trustworthy and highly efficient. – Robeneil Tan, Business Unit Head, and Entrepreneur

Previous Seminar Reviews

“It’s a very lively seminar, despite that it’s about writing!” – Vincent, Web Developer

“I learned to write effective emails needed in my work.”  Ansherina, Content Writer

“Clear visual presentation and flow.” – John Mark, Business Development Manager

Upcoming Seminar Date and Venues

  • Please check registration form below

Registration Fee

Regular Registration: Php 3,000

Early Registration Rate: Php 2,700

Group Rate: Php 2,500 each (2 participants or more)

 *All fees are inclusive of taxes.


  • 6 – hour learning session with workshop
  • Certificate of participation
  • Snacks



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