Writing Hacks for Entrepreneurs

According to studies, working professionals spend an average of four hours daily to write a correspondence. Whether responding to e-mails or creating a proposal, writing requires effort and skill.

For the busy entrepreneur like you, time is a more valuable commodity.  Speeding up the writing process allows you to focus your energy on activities that bring direct gain for your business.

★Our learning session will show you how to…

✓ write a pitch about your product or company

✓ compose your introduction email to prospect clients

✓ create effective sales letter and proposals

✓ minimize time spent in writing

✓ use helpful apps and online tools to polish your documents


Writing Hacks for Entrepreneurs: Basic Sales Letter and Proposal Writing

Upcoming Schedule: November 11, 2017 9:00am-12:00nn

Registration starts at 8:30am

Venue: The Ortigas Foundation Library, Ortigas Building Pasig City

Registration is only P350 inclusive of e-certificate, online notes, and coffee

This learning event is NOT for you if you:

✕ want to learn steno writing or basic grammar lessons

✕ want an in-depth understanding of copywriting

✕ own a large enterprise and able to hire a team of writers to work for you

★★ Sales professionals and freelancers are welcome to join★★

Resource Speaker:

Jonah Chipeco is a marketer, writer, and resource speaker. Her ten-year experience working with various industries made her understand how effective writing act as an enabler in any business. She teaches about the topic among professionals as a trainer of Business Coach, Inc. Jonah also runs an online store and an events management company since 2013. Visit her website to view clients and testimonials at jonahchipeco.com

Past Seminar Reviews


“I learned how to improve my writing skills in just an hour! I recommend the event for marketers and technical writers.”- Clouie, Food for the Hungry Philippines

“I’ve been writing for the past six years and this workshop reminded me of the essentials. I learned tips, tricks, and tools to help in my career.” – Nadj, PR Manager

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