Leadership 101: Pursuing Team Goals

The need for leadership is important not just in the workplace but any organization including public associations, our government, and in our homes. People with leadership traits have the vision, courage, and the ability to move a team towards breaking new ground.

But what does it take to be a leader?  What are the skills and tools you need to conquer any goal?

Go Up Events invites aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, job seekers, students, parents or anyone who desires to understand the topic and take actionable steps to hone their leadership skills.


  • What makes a great leader
  • Tools to set up your team for success
  • Happy Leader, Happy Team
  • An everyday leadership checklist

Resource Speaker

Our trainer and leadership coach Marie San Luis has been mentoring managers for the past twelve years.  In her engagement with various BPOs, she has observed different team dynamics including what works and not.  Her skills helped her climbed her way to the top from an associate back in 2013 to becoming a current Training Lead of Convergys Corporation. Marie also maintains a lifestyle blog and partners with brands for moms.  She was featured at CNN Philippines, DZMM, and DZRJ Call Center Radio.

Event duration: Three hours

Registration fee:  Seminar is free but we will request a door charge of Php350 only.

Inclusions:  seminar pass, e-certificate, coffee and tea

Slots are limited to the first 25 paid participants.