SEO Whole Day Workshop

We offer a full-day course about search engine optimization (SEO) for in-house training participants.  You may also keep posted for our upcoming public seminar schedule about this topic or contact us.

Course Outline:

I. Internet Searches
1. Short-tailed & long-tailed keywords
2. Geo-targeting
3. Search Engines: Google and Firefox, etc.

II. Online Web Presence
1. Google Search Ranks
2. Content Creation
3. Live vs. Non-Live Pages
4. Link Juice
5. Do-follow and Non-follow Links

III. Domain Name
1. Good domain
2. Redirection and Registration
3. Web Design and Development Guide

IV. Search Engine Indexing
1. Post Crawling and Google Web Spiders
2. Indexed vs. Non-Indexed Links

V. Social Bookmarking
1. Social Bookmarking Sites
2. Social Media
3. Shares, Retweets, and Reblogs
4. Blogging and Blog Commenting
5. Third Party Posts
6. Article Writing and Reposting

VI. Google Algorithms
* from 2010-2017 update

VII. Search Engine Optimization
1. Tools and Services
2. Keyword Research
3. Link Building
4. SEO Marketing Avenues
5. Verification of Pag Status
6. Query Building

VIII.SEO Trends for 2017
1. Mobile Responsiveness
2. Voice Searches and Recording
3. Faster Website Loading Time
4. Quality Link Building
5. Long-tailed Keywords
6. https>http
7. User Experience
8. Anchor Text and Inbound Link
9. Relevance

IX. Black and White Hat Marketing

X. Maintaining our online reputation